I get my vote back

The electoral college system has taken away from me the right to vote for the president of the United States.

See, I live in California. California will vote in a Democratic president. It's a foregone conclusion. Thus, my power to influence 1/50,000,000 of the vote for the president is effectively taken away from me by the "Electoral College" system. It doesn't matter which way I vote, since my vote doesn't provide any effective benefit to either party. I can't even vote for a Democratic president and make a difference!

Remember, this system was originally created because counting votes was too expensive and it was therefore easier to send a single guy on horseback to Washington...

So, I figure, it sucks. I'd like to see it done away with. Whosoever winneth the popular vote should winneth the election. Period.

hat way, every, single vote counts. Then, I can feel loved, as though "the prez" cares about me, because, as 1/50,000,000 of the voting US population, my vote should count for that much.

Colorado's Prop 36 effectively almost does that, without requiring the big, national hoopla that would come from dropping the arcane and destructive electoral college system.

I would love to see the 2-party system lose sway to a much richer system of diverse parties and free thought/association. The current oligarchy stemming from just two parties I find frightening.

The other change I'd like to see is to allow voters to vote for "none of the above". The rules behind this would be that 'None of the above" would be considered a candidate, and if "None of the above" won the election, then a new election is done to fill the office.

A candidate voted "None of the above" can't run for public office again for at least 8 years. This is key - this gives the power to the voters to ruin careers, and hold candidates accountable.

I kept looking around for somebody to solve the problem. Then I realized... I am somebody!