Problem with scraping the electoral college

Do you people realize the potential for fraud? People vote locally, and then all then numbers would added up. If you can rig the vote in one state, you could dramtically alter the election. Suppose, the Republicans manage to add 3 million votes down in Texas and Florida. Not only do they get those state's electoral votes, but they those votes could sway the whole nation.

The only solution to this would be to nationalize the voting system. However, that provides a central agency with the capability of rigging the election. Both of these are terrible ideas.

The solution I see, would be to give each elector, who gets over say 2% in their respective state, the power to cast that percentage of their state's electoral votes in the electoral college.

Under that system, third party electors could cast the deciding votes in the presidential election. Coalitions would have to be formed, and deals made to select the president. However, if they couldn't agree the house would decide. So, you could probably get the added benefit of the president usually being from a different party, than controls congress.